Beauty & Healthy

We’re one of the beauty and healthcare businesses striving for making members more beautiful.
Dollspa’s founder Zhang Wei-ling and the CEO of Active Living Maggie (Liu Yi-jun) have the same business concept and determination on branding development. Dollspa sees its members as not only fixating on beauty standards but also pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Active Living has kept on upgrading more membership service and searching for various possibilities that won’t limit our mission inside a fitness gym. Both founders have been holding a high interest in self-development, they believe that “The so-called beauty can be defined when people embrace themselves with health and confidence.”

As a result, in 2019, after officially becoming the shareholder of Active Living, Dollspa is one of Active Living’s business associates.

The love of children’s taste is our spirit|Youthful Vitality is what we pursue

Doll is a homophone of the Chinese word “逗 (Dou)”, which means stress-relieving; Dollspa has introduced the spirit of “Dou” in the east by combining the homophone of “Dou” and the world’s commonly used single quotation marks in a pair as the brand logo, and that’s the origin of the business title Doll SPA.

The meaning of “Dou” in Dollspa

“Doll”: having a doll-like appearance- youth, vitality, beauty and charm. Inner Doll: purity, creativity, and hope.

“Dou”-Liu: stay, temporarily suspended. It’s hoped that people who enter the Dollspa can stop for a while to keep themselves from a busy mind. They can temporarily suspend all the chores on hand and enjoy their pleasure.  

“Dou”-Qu: making people laugh, happy. We lead all people who have expectations and vitality to embrace a child-like happy mind.”Dou” Zhen (Taiwanese Hokkien Tau-Tin): together, collaboration. We lead people who have joined the Dollspa to take the family as the center of love, together we create a happy working environment. Every woman needs to save some “ME TIME”; only when you love yourself, you have the energy to love the people around you.

Doll Spa