Active Living Xinyi Daan Why we’re different?

Be a Fitness Fanatic to Start Your Vitality Together,
join us to be brave beginners.

It’s a frequently asked question proposed by our members, media interviews or even the individuals ready to invest, “There’re 1,500 fitness gyms in Taipei, and the number is increasing. After the gym was founded 3 years ago, what is the thing that has been making you different from others?”

Why does a fitness gym encourage members not to stay indoors?

We’re striving for leading beginners to a more active lifestyle; Although we’re a fitness gym, we hope people who start enjoy exercising don’t limit themselves in the gym but try multiple possibilities including outdoor activities to make exercise a part of their life.

Active Living Xinyi Daan, the two curved strokes used in pairs as the logo “A” are the sections of two conjunction circles, the circles represent different areas and aspects of life; in the workplace, you are a supervisor or an entrepreneurial leader; once you get home, your family identity is either a son, or a daughter, or a mother, or a father, but you have to act as a friend.

Maybe it’s still a hidden fact, but you really hunger for encouragement.

Making exercise the easiest thing on the premise that finding us who know the best way to assist you, and you can spend more time with your family.

Those adventurous dreams of yours, we do it together.

Active Living Xinyi Daan hopes to become an intersection in your life, let’s be brave beginners. After careful consideration, we’ve found the answer to the question, “There’re 1,500 fitness gyms in Taipei, and the number is increasing. After the gym was founded 3 years ago, what is the thing that has been making you different from others?”

Maybe we make ourselves more critical but in a more considerate way.

Our personal training.

We believe in the little things for success in life.

Is there a separate bath and shower? Yes, there is, and with essential oil amenities for you to take a quick rinse after a workout, you’ll feel pretty and refreshed.

Is there an exclusive children’s playground? Yes, there is. We understand how much new mothers contribute to their babies; however, they are still women! Although the body conditions have changed a lot after giving birth to a baby, there’s no need to criticize yourself; your body has just completed a great mission! Allow us to take care of your baby and make an hour for you and your trainer!

Is there a sofa for the rest area? Yes, there is. We would never compromise at taking it as another space for training. We hope it’s a place that allows you to rest. People who are the beginners starting working out, no matter whether they are men or women, they desperately search for a feeling of security. Give yourself a break after a training program.

A classroom for a group class has an area of more than 20 pings. It takes only one person to start the program and have up to 15 people at the maximum. At the expensive Da’an District, people might tease us for not making the best use of the space.

We’re fine. We always try our best to take good care of each member; that’s the quality we value.

If you would like to find a fitness gym different from any other ones, welcome to the Active Living Xinyi Daan to feel our exquisite atmosphere; we have the vision to become a fitness gym that really takes the workout beginners’ healthy mind set as the top priority. Together we can advance ourselves.